Number Sense Manual // Revision A

Happy to announce I’ve finally completed the revision to the Number Sense Tricks Manual I originally made a little over ten years ago. Here is the direct download link (you can also get it from my webpage here).

I cleaned up a lot of the LaTeX programming and split up each section into it’s own .tex file making it a lot easier to compile individual sections. I also made the .pdf a lot more navigable by adding referencing and a few hyperlinks to my free Middle and High School practice exams.  Additionally, I double-checked the question/answer pairing and corrected a fair number of problems. Finally, I added about two dozen more tricks that will help with 3rd and 4th column questions on more recent exams which you can find in Section 4 of the manual.

I wanted to get this version out ASAP to help students with their upcoming UIL regional/state meets. Over the summer, I plan on adding a substantial amount of practice problems to each section and doing another run through to make sure I didn’t miss any commonly tested topics. Hope this material is helpful to you!

4 thoughts on “Number Sense Manual // Revision A”

  1. Hello, I am part of a homeschool group in Waco, TX. We are going to be doing a math bee this year and I’m so glad you have these resources available. We’ll be sending our kiddos to your site for practice tests. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Unfortunately, I do not have any elementary number sense exams as reference. This means that I don’t have any material to make a database of questions that I can then use to generate practice exams. Sorry!

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