2021 Website Update

Hey everyone — it’s been a while!

Just wanted to let everyone know that 2021 has been a pretty crazy year for me thus far. My running every street in Salt Lake City project got picked it by a lot of news outlets and it’s been a wild ride with interviews, on-camera filming, and articles. Additionally, I’ve also done a handful of other running projects that have garnered a lot of press as well (one particularly involving the Utah Jazz and their NBA Playoff run). Finally, I started an Instagram Account that has become semi-popular where I post about some of my zany runs as well as unique things I see in and around Salt Lake City. It’s [at]slsees on Instagram, if you are interested.

As a result, I’ve had to put a lot of plans on the back-burner but things seem to be subsiding now so I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

Here are some of my near-term plans:

  1. I’ll make a mega-post about all the articles, maps, news stories, etc… from my recent running exploits.
  2. I’ve bought some sound equipment to better record my Youtube Videos with respect to detailing Number Sense Tricks. I posted a few and it generated a healthy response so I want to continue it.
  3. I plan on updating the database of questions for my Auto-Generating Number Sense Exams (both High School and Middle School) with the 2020-2021 problems. If you have any other practice exams from the past few years, feel free to e-mail me at:
  4. As always, if you ever run into any questions with how to solve a problem or are trying to figure out a trick, you can e-mail me at the above address as well.

Looking forward to the remainder of this year! Yay for 2021!

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