Number Sense Manual // Update

Just wanted to let all the avid Number Sense participants know that I am (finally!) in the process of revising and editing my Number Sense Manual. I’m about halfway done with revamping the LaTeX code which, hopefully, makes it more readable (a lot has changed in 10 years!). Once I’m done with that I plan on adding a few more sections detailing the tricks that can be used to solve some of the more recent exam questions. I also want to expand the content to include popular Middle School tricks since there seems to be a lot of demand for that. I’m hoping to have an updated manual by the end of March – so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Number Sense Manual // Update”

    1. Haha — trying my best! I was shooting for the end of March because I knew the Middle School TMSCA state competition is in April. I’m currently done editing the existing material (which included double-checking Question/Answer pairings) and just started with typing out some additional sections detailing tricks that weren’t around 10+ years ago. I’m hopeful that I’ll be done in the next two weeks, but we’ll see (if not, it’ll be available for the fresh new 7th graders next year, for sure)!

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