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Late last month, there was a nice write-up of Little Mountain Test Facility (where I work at) on the Boeing website. Originally, it was scheduled for a December release, however, it was delayed until late-March. As a result, we missed the window for a physical copy release in the Boeing Frontiers Magazine (they moved to online-only in January), but nevertheless it is always great getting exposure for our facility.

Anyways, for those curious at what exactly I do for a living, this article¬†provides some insight. Pictured above is me (far right) doing a mock set-up of an experiment in front of our linear accelerator. As mentioned in a prior post, I’ll be presenting¬†the results of that particular machine’s updated capabilities at this year’s Hardened Electronic and Radiation Technology (HEART) conference next week.

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  1. Bryant,

    I am a UIL coach in Texas, and i would like to ask if i could use your manual and materials as part of my training for my students. I am not trying to pass it on as my own work, but it is so good i would like to use it!


    Mr. D

    1. Absolutely! That was the whole point of the project was to get some free practice material for coaches and students out there. I’ll be posting in the next few months my database of questions (totally close to 10,000) as well as my auto-generation programs with instructions so that anyone can take what I’ve done and add on to it. All the best and good luck with your students’ future competitions — and feel free to share with whoever you think might benefit from this material!

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