2016 Re-Cap

Not to get all high-and-mighty, but I believe that self reflection is one of the most important things an individual can do. Turning a critical eye on your  accomplishments as well as your personal failings give you a sense of achievement and can help motivate you towards improvement. I wasn’t always a believer in this idea; however, my MBA courses — where I had to deal with my personal shortcomings often — led me to realize the power such reflections can provide. So with that in mind, here is a listing of the major things, both professionally and personally, I was able to complete in 2016 as well as some goals that I fell short on (but hopefully can remedy in 2017).

Professional Achievements

  • Submitted patent for unique improvements to our facility’s linear accelerator (it was our facility’s first patent submittal in recent memory)
  • Submitted late news article, suitable for poster presentation, to the Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology Annual Conference detailing extensive characterization efforts of said linear accelerator
  • Completed all work efforts to the facility’s and customer’s satisfaction (intentionally vague, I know…)
  • Was involved in higher-level business efforts concerning our facility such as constructing and refining RFI answers and determining lab usage rates
  • Began incorporating python and MATLAB learning into work tasks
  • Reacquainted myself with LaTeX and have been championing it’s use in the creation of technical documents
  • Graduated with my Professional MBA from the University of Utah (GPA of 3.90)

Personal (+ Family!) Achievements

  • Birth of our first child, Eleanor
  • Improved photography and photo-editing skills
  • Keeping up with training plan for 50-mile race scheduled in March
  • Created a personal website and re-evaluated my own personal value
  • Went to Seoul, South Korea for MBA International trip which was not only immensely informative but was personally rewarding in a lot of ways
  • Became a Professional MBA Ambassador which entails mentoring incoming students and promoting the program to prospective students
  • Became a board member for the University of Utah Business Alumni Association
  • Become contributors to a variety of personal causes

Where I Came Up Short

  • Did not take the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam and receive certification which complemented some of my MBA coursework
  • Did not become a staple at regional IEEE events and volunteer opportunities
  • Did not become certified National Instruments LabVIEW Developer

Anyways, here’s to a very fulfilling 2016 and the hope that 2017 will be equally as beneficial!

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