Patent Issued // Beam Diffuser Apparatus for Particle Accelerator Applications

Received word yesterday that the US Patent Office approved my team’s second patent application in a little under a calendar year (here is a link to our first patent, if you’re interested).

If you want further details, you can do a US Patent search for Patent #10,062,468 or just click this link here (note: might not work on mobile).

I suggest looking at the <Images> tab so that you can see some drawings of the invention as well as some further explanation of what it does. Basically, our team implemented an automated beam diffuser and diagnostic assembly to better increase our work efficiency. It has significantly increased the number of radiation exposures we can produce in a given test week and has allowed for more throughput when it comes to component-level testing. I’m very proud of this accomplishment and my team!

Patent Issued // Customizable RF for Use in Particle Accelerator Applications

Patent 9,750,123

Received notification that my team’s US Patent concerning recent advancements to our linear accelerator officially got issued yesterday (August 29th). If you want to look it up, you can do a US Patent Search for Patent #9,750,123 or just click on the link here (note: might not work on mobile).

This was a pretty big milestone that was celebrated at our site and it gave me a chance to go through Boeing’s Invention Disclosure process for the first time. All-in-all it was relatively painless and I was very impressed by how quickly our patent attorney was able to pick up on the technical concepts despite being not too familiar with high energy physics. Probably the worst thing about the whole deal was the long wait — the patent was filed last August and it took a little over a year to go through the US Patent Office review process.

Regardless, it was worth the wait and I am very pleased with the outcome! Currently, I have two more invention disclosures in the works that are in various stages of development, so I hope that this is the first of several patent awards for myself and my team in the near-future!