50k Download Milestone!

Just wanted to let all the Number Sense enthusiasts who frequent this site know that you’ve surpassed the 50,000 download threshold! A year ago I couldn’tĀ even imagineĀ this type of activity on the website. I thought there might be some mild interest and maybe a few teams might like my Number Sense Manual, but WOW, 50,000 cumulative downloads of my material is something else!

Thank you all for making this project a success and I look forward to building off of it in the near-future!

2 thoughts on “50k Download Milestone!”

  1. Your materials are amazing and I’m very grateful I found something to help my son preparing for the UIL’s.
    Thank you again!

    Cristina Cleveland

  2. This is incredible and amazing! Just found out this website! I am sure this will help my kid tons! We are very grateful to all your work!


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