Middle School A+ / TMSCA Number Sense Auto-Generated Practice Tests

I’ve been very surprised (and pleased!) by the response of my Auto-Generated High School Number Sense practice exams — we’ve reached upwards of 3,000 total downloads since I began posting about them earlier this year!

As a result of their popularity, several individuals have asked me to produce something similar for the Middle School version of the exam. Since I recently reached my goal of 10,000 questions for my high school competition database, I decided to switch gears and focus on starting up a similar Middle School database. Over the past two weeks, I was able to generate 2,000 questions (sorted in the same way as the high school exam) and I’ve produced my first Auto-generated Exam and Answer Key (which you can download via the links).

I also created a Middle School repository where students can access all the number sense practice exams I generate for free. For the time being, I still intend to publish them on a weekly basis but will ultimately create a button where students can generate a practice test anytime they want a new one. I hope to have this implemented by the end of June — so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Middle School A+ / TMSCA Number Sense Auto-Generated Practice Tests”

  1. I appreciate your time to sort sample Number Sense for my kids practicing during this summer where I find your website. Nice to know that you are expert to auto-generate sample with answer keys. Is there any Calculator Application sample to look for?

    1. Currently I do not have an Calculator Applications sample tests — mostly because the word/geometry problems are difficult for me to code in LaTeX. I could produce practice material for the “punch problems” (e.g., the strictly numerical problems), but I’m afraid that it might be difficult to format them the same as the actual test.

      What makes Number Sense exams unique and easier to automate is that the questions are relatively simple and are easy to type of in LaTeX // with Calculator (and Math, as well), it requires a lot more work that I don’t particularly have the time to invest in. Sorry that this isn’t the response you are probably looking for…

  2. These are UIL practice tests and they are a lot easier than real TMSCA meets. For the ones that I print off from here, I get at least a 210, and I am in eighth grade. But when I went to the meet on December 1, 2018, I only got a score of 104!!!! I admit that I screwed up a bit and part of it is because I was under pressure, but I normally get to question 45-55 on the UIL practice tests, but at the meet I only got to question 37. I was wondering if you could also please post practice TMSCA tests and not UIL ones because I really want to get better.

    1. Hi Zayan – thanks for reaching out and I totally understand where you are coming from! Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do to make the exams more difficult (and reflective) of current exams.

      Because these auto-generated exams are based on past exam questions (sometime the material is upwards of 10+ years old!), there is no doubt that they are easier than what is currently being tested. There was also a significant shift a few years back where TMSCA exams started diverging from UIL exams in terms of difficulty. Because the auto-generated exams are pulled from a rather large database of questions, the more difficult (and current) TMSCA-type questions are only selected a handful of times when generating these practice exams.

      Also, I think you are 100% correct that taking exams at home — where it is a low pressure environment — results in higher practice scores than when actually taking the exam at a competition. I remember the same phenomenon occurring even back when I was a student!

      Anyways, thanks for the comment and sorry there isn’t much I can offer to help!

    2. What school do you go to because at my school they supply all tests from 1995-2019. I have every test from test 1-13 and gear up and tune up. Also 210 as an 8th grader?! Go for the 355.

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