HEART Conference // Paper + Presentation

Just received some exciting news that I gained final approval and will be making a presentation at the 2017 Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) Conference in Denver, Colorado at the end of April. The topic I’ll be discussing (via the poster session) involves the characterization of our facility’s linear accelerator after some upgrades we recently implemented.

This is the first time in recent memory that someone from my work will be presenting at a conference, so everyone is pretty excited about the opportunity to showcase some of our site’s capabilities. My team worked very hard over a span of several weeks in order to accomplish all the appropriate testing so that I could compile the data and submit my paper to the conference. It was truly a joint effort and I am looking forward to presenting for the first time the results!

PMBA Ambassador // University of Utah

PMBA Ambassador

Just saw on the University University of Utah Eccles School of Business website that they had my photo and details listed under the Professional MBA Ambassadors list!

PMBA Ambassadors is a program where alumni can mentor prospective and current students over all facets associated with the program (career guidance, coursework, networking events, etc…). By being am ambassador, my personal goal is to provide helpful guidance to students to make it a little more easier — however minuscule — for them during their time at the University of Utah.

Receiving my MBA while working full-time was one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever had to overcome in my relatively short career, but it was also one of the most rewarding things. I knew after I completed the program I wanted to give back as much as possible as a way of saying “thank you.” So if you have any interest in going back to school to get an MBA, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or contact me through the website — I’d be happy to give you my opinion!

Eugene & Janey Heath Engineering Endowment // Texas Tech University

Two years ago I started an effort to memorialize my late grandparents, Eugene and Janey Heath, by creating an endowment at Texas Tech University’s College of Engineering. You can read my testimonial concerning the gift, and my motivation behind it, here.

Although the endowment became fully funded after the first year because of the generosity of my family, today marked the completion of my initial pledge amount as I sent the university the last of my obligated donation. I am incredibly proud to have seen this project through its entirety and look forward to contributing, unencumbered, in the future!

For those looking to make an indefinite mark at your alma mater, I highly recommend establishing an endowment. With dollar-for-dollar employee matching and the lowering of creation thresholds, starting a fund has never been easier for a graduate. The amount universities (and their conferred degrees!) give to their graduates extend well beyond the price they recoup through tuition. I’ve had incredible experiences and created lasting relationships through my time at Texas Tech — so giving a little bit back after graduation was something I always knew that I wanted to do. Today marks a personal milestone for myself, my family, and my university!

2016 Re-Cap

Not to get all high-and-mighty, but I believe that self reflection is one of the most important things an individual can do. Turning a critical eye on your  accomplishments as well as your personal failings give you a sense of achievement and can help motivate you towards improvement. I wasn’t always a believer in this idea; however, my MBA courses — where I had to deal with my personal shortcomings often — led me to realize the power such reflections can provide. So with that in mind, here is a listing of the major things, both professionally and personally, I was able to complete in 2016 as well as some goals that I fell short on (but hopefully can remedy in 2017).

Professional Achievements

  • Submitted patent for unique improvements to our facility’s linear accelerator (it was our facility’s first patent submittal in recent memory)
  • Submitted late news article, suitable for poster presentation, to the Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology Annual Conference detailing extensive characterization efforts of said linear accelerator
  • Completed all work efforts to the facility’s and customer’s satisfaction (intentionally vague, I know…)
  • Was involved in higher-level business efforts concerning our facility such as constructing and refining RFI answers and determining lab usage rates
  • Began incorporating python and MATLAB learning into work tasks
  • Reacquainted myself with LaTeX and have been championing it’s use in the creation of technical documents
  • Graduated with my Professional MBA from the University of Utah (GPA of 3.90)

Personal (+ Family!) Achievements

  • Birth of our first child, Eleanor
  • Improved photography and photo-editing skills
  • Keeping up with training plan for 50-mile race scheduled in March
  • Created a personal website and re-evaluated my own personal value
  • Went to Seoul, South Korea for MBA International trip which was not only immensely informative but was personally rewarding in a lot of ways
  • Became a Professional MBA Ambassador which entails mentoring incoming students and promoting the program to prospective students
  • Became a board member for the University of Utah Business Alumni Association
  • Become contributors to a variety of personal causes

Where I Came Up Short

  • Did not take the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam and receive certification which complemented some of my MBA coursework
  • Did not become a staple at regional IEEE events and volunteer opportunities
  • Did not become certified National Instruments LabVIEW Developer

Anyways, here’s to a very fulfilling 2016 and the hope that 2017 will be equally as beneficial!